Welcome to Ruby Plugs!

Ruby Plugs is a plugboard; a place for you to post an 88x31 button which links to your site. This is absolutely free although there are a few rules for you to follow. If you wish to contact me click here.


1. Wait until your plug has been pushed off the board before plugging again.

2. Buttons for the 88x31 plugboard must be 88x31 pixels in size exactly. If you don't have a button click here for one to use or get one made!

3. Make sure your host allows direct linking. If your host doesn't allow direct linking then I suggest using an image host such as Imgur.

4. Personal sites, domains, RPGs and many more site types are accepted. Commercial sites are allowed provided they are run by a human, not a bot.

5. Any sites with porn, promoting illegal activities or competitions are not accepted. Generally any site that I deem as being run by a bot or just being a link dump or scam.

6. I reserve the right to remove any plug for any reason, whether stated here or not.

7. Please take some time to visit some of the other plugged sites; that's how Plug sites work and you never know what you might find!

8. A link back to this plugboard isn't required, however, if you do wish to link back then it is very much appreciated! You can find a link back button below under Affiliates :)

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Interested in affiliating with us? Only accepting other plug sites or website directories/listings. Please use the contact form.

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The best way to contact me about this website is by using this contact form. The current layout features a screenshot taken in the game World of Warcraft and a background pattern from crazy-alice.